Micro And Small Enterprises Authority (MSEA) Association Registration Portal

The MSE Association Registration process wholly relied on manual collection of MSE data using labor-intensive, paper-based procedures. Analyzing this data has been both expensive and time consuming thus making the MSE Authority decision making process slower. For this data to be valuable and available on time, this information needs to be collected and aggregated in a way that allows the authority to actually access, and use it to achieve its objectives in a fast and effective way. In order to achieve this objective, Reeve Technologies Limited developed a web-based computerized MSE Association Registration System. The system is purposed to provide suitable flexible interactive user-friendly tools to allow collection of key information for the authority from various stakeholders including associations and individual members, produce standard reports, and allow specialized queries to track all aspects of institutional progress at any time. The Registration System is purposed to help the organization have a database of all its members and provide analytical reports based on:
Region/ County
Business category
Member Activity
Main raw material
Sub Sector (Manufacturing, Trade, Service and Agribusiness)
Availability of markets for their produce
Access to credit
Patenting and standardization or their products at the small and medium levels